Welcome to the 18th Revenge
Hosted by the Windygap Regulators
Cortez Colorado
June 15th, 16th, and 17th 2018

10 Stages,100 Rifle,100 Pistol, 42+ Shotgun

Who's Coming!!
18th Annual
Mail in Application
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Tentative Itinerary
Updated 6-12-2018

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This page was last updated: June 19, 2018
Dry Camping

They are all DRY camping.  There is drinking water at the range if you bring your jugs.

  If you want to assure your spot, don't procrastinate!!
Get your entry in as soon as possible.

Please take out what you bring in or put in large dumpster if available.


Vendors -- Vendors are welcome but you MUST make arrangements for space prior to the match.  You must contact Stumble Leena with space requirements, type of merchandise, etc.  Failure to do so may result in there being no space for you to set up.  Spacing is limited. 


10 Stage Match

100 + Rifle
100+ Pistol
70+ Shotgun
Plus Side Matches.

For Long Range Ammo please click on the Long Range link at the top.

Shooting Protest

If a call is made against a shooter on a stage, the shooter should first make guns safe.  Then if a discussion with the RO does not remedy the situation, the shooter may appeal a ruling by notifying the Posse Marshal or RO prior to leaving the stage in dispute.  Shooter will complete a provided protest form and post a $25 protest fee.  A panel of three match officers will review the appeal.

Proper Time for Protest - The judges will be assembled as quickly as possible to rule on the protest before the posse leaves the stage.  However, if time is short, the posse will proceed to the next stage and the judges will poll witnesses with as little interruption to their shooting as possible.

Ruling upheld (Original call stands) - $25 forfeited to the Windygap Steel Fund

Ruling overturned (Error removed or re-shoot granted) - $25 returned to the protestor.

Thought you might have these questions in your head about the Revenge.  So I’ll answer these the best I can.  If you have more.....send them on to Stumble Leena  and I’ll get them posted.

1. How many and how far apart are outhouses placed?
  They are about 30ft from each other. We have one reserved for the ladies......that guy that used it last year is now buried in the back forty with the other 3!

2. How far is it from the parking area to the stages and is it downhill both ways?
About 50 yds if you get there first.  About 100 yds if ya don’t, and about 120 yds if yer dry camping on bottom, and about 1/4 Mile if yer camping on top. Flat mostly.  Unless you are going up hill.  Then it's up hill.

3. Out house toilet paper. Is it Charman or the cheap stuff? Somewhere in between.  Toilet paper is very important on our list of “make sure you have plenty of and please no sand paper!”

4. Are the stages situated so no matter what time of day it is, sun glare on gunpowder smoke doesn't obscure the targets?
Bays face South, go from there.

5. Target distance and size exactly the same as my home club?
Probably Not.  Most targets are 16x12 or 12x12 or 12x16 or 24x24 or 30x30.  One is really BIG and REALLY ROUND!  We call it the Giant Tomato if painted RED, The Giant PUMPKIN if painted Orange.  The Giant GUM BALL if painted Yellow.  The Giant.....well you get the idea.    They range from 5ft to 30ft distance.

6. Will all of the mosquitoes be humanely captured and relocated prior to the match?
NO, we insist you slap yourself silly and the person sitting next to you.  (Really.....the Mosquito Control Guy comes by and zaps them.)  But we always recommend Bug Juice. 


7. Is parking arranged so I can park right up front.
If you hurry.

8. Can I create my own category to ensure I get a trinket to take home.
If you find 3 other people to shoot the category with you, and let me know ahead of time.

9.   Will the outcome of my score on any stage be determined by how the dice roll turns out or what playing card I draw"

10. Water? Will they have water to drink and fill our tanks?

11. Can I get a "mulligan" on a miss or a procedure? 

12.  Do you have a Walmart!
Yep, we have a Super Duper Walmart!


Paypal, Credit card through paypal
or Check or MO by mail

Loaner Gun Carts

We have a limited amount of loaner guncarts for those who are out of Country or Flying in, please reserve your guncart early.

Send an email
jenniferstewart35071@yahoo.com or put in note box on application to reserve one.  Let us know how many will be sharing.  We usually put those who posse together on the same cart.

BuckaretteBKT  8-12
BuckarooBKO  8-12
Cattle Baron CB
Classic CowboyCC
Classic CowgirlCCG
El PatronEP
Elder StatesmemES
Frontier CartridgeFC
Frontier Cartridge DuelistFCD
Grand DameGD
La PatronaLP
Lady B-WesternLBW
Lady DuelistLD
Lady Forty-NinerL49
Lady Frontier CartidgeLFC
Lady Frontier Cartidge DuelistLFD
Lady GunfighterLGF
Lady SeniorLS
Lady Silver SeniorLSS
Lady WranglerLW
Lady Young GunLYG
Senior DuelistSD
Silver SeniorSS
Young GunYG
Cowboy Clays
Friday June 15th
11:00 AM
Windygap Range

Top Man and Top Woman will receive an award!

$15 per 25 clays

Long Range

$10 for all

June 15th, 8:00 a.m.

Long range will be held at the Four Corners Rifle and
Pistol Club.
East of Town across from the Fair Grounds.
Please Email Captain Kelso
for Directions!

Long Range Pistol: 5 Rounds at 100 yds.

Long Range Pistol Caliber: 10 Rounds at 150 yds

Long Range Single Shot/ Rifle Caliber: 10 Rounds, 3
at 100yds, 3 at 200 yds and 4 at 300 yds.

Long Range Repeater/ Rifle Caliber: 10 Rounds, 3 at
100 yds, 3 at 200 yds, and 4 at 300 yds

Quigley.....way the heck out there!

Email Captain Kelso

1Acton CurlyCaliforniaCTB
2Addie RoseArizonaL49er
3Annie D. VineTexasL49er
4Awfull ErnieCortez ColoradoGF
5Babe RuthlessMontrose  ColoradoL49er
6Bad ChadNew MexicoCB
7Bald EagleNew Zealand49er
8Bella CoolaCaliforniaLS
9Big SageDolores ColoradoFCGF
10Black BarrelsNew ZealandMW
11Blazen VaqueroParker ColoradoCC
12Bloody Dave StoutArizonaSS
13Captain Woodrow K KelsoCortez ColoradoSD
14Card KillerUtahSGF
15Cataz TrophyNew MexicoBKO
16Cerveza SlimDurango ColoradoES
17Cherokee JebArizonaSS
18Choctaw JackNew MexicoMS
19Colorado BlackjackWhitewater Colorado49er
20Colt KiwiNew ZealandBR
21Cowtown ScoutTexasCC
22Dallas RoarkeAustralia CCG
23Diamond BlazeDurango ColoradoCG
24Dutch BearThe NetherlandsFCD
25El Mulo VaqueroNew Mexico49er
26Gunman's GhostDurango ColoradoCB
27Hawkshaw FredTexasSGF
28Horseshoe HarryAustralia SS
29Hot TamaleTexasCCG
30Howlin WolfUtah49er
31Hulahan BobWhitewater ColoradoCTB
32Hurricane CamilleMontrose  ColoradoGD
33Ivy WildUtahLBW
34J.M. BrownNorth CarolinaSD
35JackarooAustralia MS
36John ChisumLake City ColoradoES
37Judge RugerAustralia GF
38Justice AnnThe NetherlandsLFC
39Kando KateArizonaLS
40Kathouse KelliAustralia LW
41Kiwi DjangoNew Zealand49er
42Kiwi RoosterNew ZealandYG
43Kodiak KidMontrose  ColoradoMS
44Kougarok GeorgeNevadaFT
45Largo CaseyNew MexicoCC
46Lawless Lori SueNew MexicoLP
47Lefty JoGrand Junction ColoradoLSS
48Lindis RangerNew ZealandD
49Little BitMontrose  Colorado49er
50Little Bits HoneyMontrose  ColoradoL49er
51Lucy TriggerCortez ColoradoLS
52Mac TuckettNew ZealandCB
53Mad Dog TooHesperus ColoradoCTB
54Miss PinkyAustralia LSS
55Mustang MaryMontrose  ColoradoLS
56Nevada JimArizonaFC
57NightshooterNew ZealandD
58Old FashionedUtahES
59Pecker BirdWyomingSGF
60Piedra KiddCortez ColoradoSD
61Prairie Dog BrownNew ZealandCC
62Private PappyCortez ColoradoSS
63Quickly DownunderNevadaMS
64Ramblin' RoseHesperus ColoradoB
65Ruff CobbDurango ColoradoCTB
66Rusty ActionsCalifornia49er
67Sam BalinAustralia D
68San JuanMontrose  ColoradoCTB
69Sanokee SageArizonaMW
70SapineroMontrose  ColoradoSS
71Section HandAustralia ES
72Sharp ShooterUtahYG
73Shotgun ShellCortez ColoradoLS
74Sonora BlazeParker ColoradoLBW
75Southern Cross LilNew ZealandCG
76Spur CrossGrand Junction ColoradoCC
77Stan WellbackAustralia GF
78Star DancerMontrose  ColoradoLS
79Stumble LeenaCortez ColoradoL49er
81Tumbleweed WagonAustralia CB
82Tuscon The TerribleNew ZealandGF
83Twelve Mile RebUtahES
84Union JackMontrose  Colorado49er
85Utah BobDove Creek ColoradoFCD
86Vaquero ViejoNew MexicoEP
87White Lightning JackNew ZealandCB
88Willy B' ShakinCaliforniaFCD
89Wooden NicholsUtahGF
90Wrangler RonGrand Junction ColoradoEP

Limited to 100 Shooters!
Thank you all for coming to the 18th Annual Revenge in Cortez Colorado. 
Hope you all had a wonderful although a bit wet time! 
Scores are posted on the Monthly Score page found here!  SCORES

Be sure to click on the Gallery link to see the pictures that were taken and if you have any....Please send to jenniferstewart35071@yahoo.com  and we'll get them posted!